Taiwanese panel Makers Involved in AMOLED Displays

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More and more Taiwanese display panel makers have involved in the production of AMOLED display, because of the optimistic outlooks of the market for such products.


Insists on the opinion that AMOLED displays will replace TFT LCDs as the mainstream display panel for smartphones, Wintek Corp.,has switched part of its existing production lines for TFT LCDs to AMOLED displays.

At present, its touch panels have contributed over 70% to the firm`s revenue, and TFT LCDs the remainder.


Indeed, it set up a subsidiary in Taiwan about 10 years ago, to develop and manufacture OLED displays, but decided to give up the business because of high defect rates.


However, if succeeding in volume production of AMOLED displays, the firm, having had world-caliber smartphone vendors as HTC, Samsung and Apple on its client list presently, is very likely to boost its overall shipments in the future, according to industry insiders.

Meanwhile, TPK Holding Co. Ltd. has recently sought for engineers of AMOLED displays in Taiwan and mainland China to enhance its in-house production. 

AU Optronics Corp. is scheduled to start mass production of AMOLED displays at the end of 2010, and Chimei Innolux Corp. has also switched its 3.5-generation factory to the products.


Despite of the actively expansion in AMOLED displays, supply is still likely to fall behind demand in the coming years.  

As Samsung Mobile Display`s vice president Lee Woo-jong indicated that global sales of smartphones are estimated to sharply surge 50% to 260 million units in 2010 from 175 million units sold in 2009, but output of AMOLED displays is unlikely to catch up with the growth.

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