4th Generation Auto Dealer Adopts LED Lighting

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Qnuru's distribution partner, SoGoGreen, upgraded 85 of Emich VW's exterior and interior high wattage lights with Qnuru's Vector line of LED retrofit bulbs. Vector LED retrofit lights are designed for customers who want to preserve and reuse their existing lighting poles and housings by replacing inefficient high intensity discharge (HID) lamps with energy efficient LED bulbs. 

The 750-1000 watt HID lamps in Emich VW's parking lot lights were retrofitted with Vector 131-161 watt LED bulbs. In addition, the dealership’s outdoor wallpack, pathway and flood lights were upgraded with Qnuru LED bulbs. Inside the dealership’s service and paint bays, 400 watt ceiling-mounted high bay light fixtures were retrofitted with 102 watt Vector LED bulbs. 

The Qnuru LED retrofit project reduced Emich VW's lighting energy use by nearly 80% and the dealership will earn a return on its investment in approximately 18 months based on energy savings from its LED lights and conservation rebates offered by Xcel Energy and the City and County of Denver.


“Our accountant said we would be crazy not to switch to LED lighting based on the operating cost savings alone,” said Fred Emich, partner and operator of Emich VW. “But our motivation for upgrading to LED technology was not just financial. Customers come to us because of VW’s reputation for producing cars with superior environmental performance—high fuel efficiency and low carbon emissions. 

They naturally assume that VW dealerships are equally environmentally proactive. Qnuru's LED lighting allowed us to shine the light on our green dealership efforts as well as save money.”


“Colorado is one of the most environmentally conscious states in the U.S.,” said Ellie Fargher, founder and CEO of SoGoGreen, a Denver-based distributor of Qnuru's LED lighting solutions. “Businesses and consumers here understand that our future relies on green energy and that the cleanest energy is the watt not used. Fred Emich, Xcel Energy and the City and County of Denver deserve a collective round of applause for their support for LED lighting.”


Qnuru's Vector retrofit product family of high wattage LED bulbs fit all major commercial and industrial light fixtures. Installable by a licensed electrician in less than 20 minutes, they offer an average return on investment of 16-30 months and carry a Noribachi-backed 5-year warranty.  Qnuru’s Prism product line of low wattage bulbs are 80% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and 50% more efficient than compact fluorescent and linear fluorescent bulbs and come with a 3-year Noribachi warranty. Vector and Prism smart energy LED solutions are UL Listed, ETL-Certified and designed, assembled and tested in the U.S.

“Fred Emich is an admirable example of how young business leaders are greening their operations from top to bottom, not just to save money, but because they fully appreciate the consequences of environmental inaction,” said Rhonda Dibachi, co-founder and COO of Noribachi. “The vision, enthusiasm, and commitment to smart energy applications by young entrepreneurs like Emich is an inspiration for business executives of any generation.”

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