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Lighting retrofit project at DEWA Power Stations consisting of replacing 8,500 lighting fixtures with high efficiency LEDs

Etihad ESCO, the energy retrofit entity has executed the lighting retrofit project at the DEWA power stations in Jebel Ali and Al Awir. 

The project involved replacing 8,500 light fixtures with high efficiency LEDs and it has exceeded the contractual savings guarantee to 75% savings from initial electricity consumption, which is equivalent to a 15 GWh reduction annually.

The energy savings are coming from high efficiency LED lights that replaced old indoor, outdoor and streets lights in Jebel Ali and Al Awir Power Stations. 

The new electricity consumption from the installed LED lights was measured and verified and confirmed a savings of 75% compared to previous consumption. Through this ESCO project, DEWA will witness 6,286 tons of CO2 reduction.

Using commercial electricity rates, the project generates an annual savings of AED 6.6 million with no maintenance costs on DEWA on lighting for the contractual six years. 

DEWA’s initial investment of AED 21 Million will be recompensed through the guaranteed savings in less than 3.5 years.

Commenting on the completion, Stephane le Gentil, CEO – Etihad ESCO said, “We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our first ESCO project with Philips for the DEWA Power Stations. 

This pioneering project in Dubai demonstrates the viability and efficiency of the LED technology in achieving energy savings while ensuring better light quality.”

Through previously undertaken audits, Etihad ESCO identified that the lighting infrastructure at DEWA Power Stations were aging and a significant improvement could be implemented to reduce energy consumption.

“The better quality light fixtures will benefit the DEWA employees working on site at night and result in better safety and comfort conditions, but the biggest impact will be a large reduction in the energy consumption while reducing the maintenance budget for lighting to zero” added Stephane le Gentil.

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