Greenwood Police Department Upgrades to LED Lights

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Energy Saving Solutions USA (“ESS” or the “Company”), the creators of the LED with a lifetime guarantee™, today is proud to announce that through its authorized LED dealer Jim Oxley, the Company will be helping the Greenwood Indiana Police Department improve its energy efficiency by replacing its interior lighting with guaranteed for life, energy-efficient Forever LED Lights™.

“We are pleased the Greenwood Police Department has jumped on board for Forever LED Lights. The City of Greenwood overall recognizes the importance of energy efficiency and cost savings, and has already requested the Forever LED Lights to replace the bulbs in their Community Center and Main Street lamps. 

We hope to continue to supply their community and surrounding area businesses with our state-of-the-art, guarantee for life LED lights and that neighboring communities will join them in taking important steps towards reducing their energy usage and carbon footprint," commented Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions.

Jim Oxley, commenting on the cost- and energy-savings afforded by the Forever LED Lights stated, "Current electricity lighting costs for the Police Department run more than US$ 21,000 a year and should drop to about US $11,000 a year with the Forever LED Lights. 

Post installation, the Police Department will be able to save approximately US $877,000 or 51% in electricity lighting costs over the useful lifetime of these lights, allowing more tax dollars to be deployed to the areas of the community that really need it. 

If you sum up the cost saving resulting from our Forever LED for the Police Department, Community Center and Main Street lamps combined, the City of Greenwood will be saving over US $1.8 million on its electricity lighting costs over the lifetime of the lights!"

Offered exclusively through Energy Savings Solutions and its authorized national dealer organization, the Forever LED Light™ is the only LED protected by a lifetime guarantee exclusively administered by McCusker & Company and backed by Service USA, world class warranty and service providers out of Dallas, Texas.

The Company’s Forever Green Savings Program, which allows for a conversion to LEDs with no up-front costs and with payments based on a portion of their electrical savings, is the most convenient, energy- and cost-saving lighting solution for businesses, government agencies, schools and non-profits in the market today.

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