How to optimize your warehouse lighting performance?

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How  to design lighting for shelf warehouse or rack warehouse?

Optimize your lighting for your warehouse

Today, with the rapid development of modern industry, lighting functions for warehouses have also been upgraded from the most basic "lighting" requirement to the high quality, high efficiency and energy saving standard. Professional lighting products and systems not only improve the lighting efficiency and lighting performance, but also play a key role in reducing failure rates, ensuring job safety and lower the operating costs.

There are typically several important factors to be considered for warehouse lighting as follows:

1: Energy saving- wattage of the light, lumen output of the light, intelligent control, photo-control etc.

2: long life time is important to reduce the maintenance cost, good CRI to provide better light quality

3: Choose suitable dust proof, corrosion proof, explosion proof lighting fixtures based on application environment

4:  Shelf warehouse or warehouse without shelves

5: illuminance requirement- for example, not less than 80lux is essential on the floor so that to identify the objects and the product labels.

For  normal warehouse illuminance is average 100lux on the floor, large metal pieces like steels or steel billets is 50lx, small objects pieces like tools and component parts is 300lx, warehouse if with shelves or not is totally different when designing a warehouse lighting application.

The height of the warehouse also differs based on various industry, for normal industrial warehouse usually is within 4 to 6 meters, 6 to 15 meters, others higher than 15 meters (the large logistic center like DHL, FedEx, Ups or like Alibaba warehouse etc ).

For the shelf warehouse, beside the above 5 points to be considered, when we choose the lighting product, we need to check about if the light could have better vertical and horizontal illuminance level on the ground. Better vertical illuminance shall be ensured for workers to identify package labels clearly, horizontal illuminance for each aisle between the shelves are important for workers to move in and out of the shelves in a safe and quick way. For the warehouse without shelves like the open areas, the overall uniformity and illuminance on the floor are the two factors to be considered.


Led lighting product is very suitable for the warehouse lighting due to its advantages for its high lumen output, CRI, long life time, the flexible beam angle options make led has the unique advantages when applied into shelf warehouse lighting application, while combined with like micro-wave sensor or intelligent control will be very helpful for the energy saving of led lighting application in warehouse.

Warehouse height

Warehouse Type

Recommended Product

wattage recommended

4 meters to 6 meters

open warehouse, low height shelves or racks, pallets   package of low height put on ground

led low bay light, led tri-proof   light


6 meters to 15 meters

mainly shelves or rack storage

led high bay light, led flood light


15 meters above

large warehouse,high height shelf   or rack warehouse, large logistics warehouse

led high bay light, led flood light


Within one of our led high bay product series, the HYL-LHB high bay light is specially designed to be used for shelf or rack warehouse lighting application, LHB shelf warehouse led high bay light wattage is from 60 to 240W over 130 lumen per wattage, designed with micro-wave motion sensor control for more energy saving, there are totally 6 types of beam angle options for this led high bay light, the  unique 30DX70D beam angle option is designed for shelf or rack warehouse lighting application, for details, 

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