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LEDs are a disruptive technology to the general lighting market. Lynk Labs has built a broad patent portfolio of technology surrounding various forms of AC LED technology from chip level to drive method that simplifies the challenges of integrating LED technology into the existing AC powered lighting infrastructure. 

Lynk designs, develops and manufactures AC LED Packages, Lamps, Assemblies,Drivers and Systems for OEMs and End Users.

As the leading pioneers of the AC LED market, Lynk Labs today has the broadest and most diversified technology offering in the AC LED market. Lynk’s technology improves LED system cost, design time, reliability,integration challenges, thermal management space, weight reduction and system scalability.

Lynk Labs designs and manufactures or licenses its technology based on the market and application. Lynk Labs AC LED technology can simplify the conversion of existing lighting fixtures as well as enable faster development of new leading edge solid-state lighting product lines.

With a focus on developing products that ease the migration of LEDs into the existing AC electric power infrastructure and lighting fixtures, Lynk is building OEM and licensing relationships with the companies that are driving the solid-state lighting market.

Lynk Labs Inc. – the leading manufacturer of patented driverless AC-LED technology devices

Tesla™ AC-LED packages deliver Lynk Labs‘ patented AC LED technology

Family of packages that reduce cost, accelerate design time, fully dim with little or no drive electronics

Tesla™ AC-LED simplify the complexities of powering LED lamps, assemblies and lighting systems

New line of Tesla™ line-voltage 230V LED Packages

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