A Case Study of LED installation at grocery stores

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Chedraui is one of the top supermarket chains in México, with additional stores in the United States, employing over 35,000 people. They operate over 217 locations, 150 of which are over 7,000 square meters.


Chedraui wanted to reduce their building maintenance costs and save energy while improving in-store light quality. Specifically, increase the color rendering index (CRI) so products would appear more attractive to shoppers and result in increased sales.


• 51% reduction in energy use per month

• 45% increase in light output

• Complete elimination of shadows

• Decrease in building maintenance in terms of light care

• The most appealing product presentation, which leads to an increase in satisfied customers and sales

 “The VLED Luminaires with Bridgelux LEDs give us significant monthly savings while increasing the illumination within our stores, giving our products better presentation with high CRI. Their products were the only ones that met all our demands.”

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