Tomorrow Optics Will Change the Lighting of Interiors and Exteriors

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The properties of this optical system are completely different from those that we are familiar with – it is flat, lightweight, small, but above all precise and highly adaptable to the customer‘s requirements. The “COB Nano-optics”, which is an optical application of the IQ Structures company, has won an award in the international Design Plus competition.

Probably the biggest  change brought by NANOPTIQS  will be mini aturisation. As an illustration, it is possible to fit 1,000 or even more tiny nano lenses into the space of one classic lens 1 cm in size. All light rays are under control and emit light exactly where we want it.

The potential of such nano lenses is thus enormous, which is also supported by the fact that they are completely flat – the optics are "thinner" and their production requires much less material and energy, while meeting demands for the environmentally friendly production.

Even highly demanding technical concepts that require complicated shaping of the light beam are easily attainable through new physical methods of IQ Structures in connection with the company's own mathematical modelling.

Nanolenses are produced by special printing methods which increases manufacturing speed 100x compared to injection moulding for classical optics. The accuracy and speed of manufacturing the new revolutionary NANOPTIQS system together with the new design and functional potentialities play an important role in all applications that use LED and laser light sources, especially in interior and exterior lighting, smart headlights and tail lights, optical radars, or various types of sensors.

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