Pay 60% less electricity for your lighting products for your workshop

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Pay 60% less electricity for your lighting products for your workshop

How to choose the best energy saving lighting product for your industrial factory workshop?

The purpose of the factory lighting or industrial lighting is to provide a good lighting environment to those workers in order to let them complete their daily works, prolong the working time, improve the working efficiency, guarantee the productive safety, reduce the fatigue as much as possible. The requirements of the industrial lighting are different for the types of the industrial production vary from each other, therefore, the lighting for the industrial lighting depends on its specific lighting application environment and request.

There are several key factors when it is comes to a lighting product for a workshop lighting application as follows:

1:  luminous efficacy- lumen output for a light source is important, a higher lumen output light source could achieve same or more luminance by using half wattage of a low lumen output light source, for example, like a 150w led light could have same luminance like that of a 250W MHL lamps. This way, could save a lot of energy by  40%.

2:  Color rendering index- CRI is also one of the considerations for industrial workshop application, for those printing/painting workshop shall consider high CRI like Ra-80,  

CRI index range

Suitable Application for factory workshop


color matching, color inspection


printing, food sorting, paint


electromechanical assembly, surface treatment, control room etc.


machining, thermal treatment, foundry


Warehouse, large metal storage etc.

3:  Color Temperature- CCT will provide us with different feeling from the lighting environment, for the specific lighting environment shall choose the right or suitable color temperature of a light source, the below chart could be reference of the color temperature used for different areas of a factory or industrial workshop. 


Features & Suitable Application

Suitable Application for factory workshop


Warm color(yellow)

Lounge room or   area lighting of the workshop


White color or natural white color

suitable for  factory office,   control room, testing room, marching workshop, instrument assembly etc.


cold color, while +bluish

heat process workshop, chemical color inspection,

4:  Life time- long life time lighting product could avoid the frequent replacement of the short-life products, largely reduce the maintenance cost.

The 4 points above are the basic and important factors to be considered for a lighting application in a factory workshop, in terms of the general lighting application in a factory, we shall also consider about the installation height to choose the suitable lighting products, the following chart is the reference for you to choose the suitable light based on the installation height.

General Lighting application for industrial workshop-High bay light Application

Installation Height




Application site examples

steel works, iron works, large mechanical plant etc.

Medium assembly plant, medium metal   processing plant

precision machining workshop, electronic packaging workshop, printing plant, typography,   textile workshop, clothing factory, food factory etc.

Lighting solution option-1 (   traditional light source considered)

250W to 400W MHL-high bay light

MHL below 250W-low bay light

Flourescent Lamp 40W to 80W

Lighting solution option-2 ( led   lighting solution option)

120w to 250W Led light- high bay light

Led below 120W-low bay light

Led below 40W-panel light,tri proof light etc.

Here, we would show an example of the comparison between a 400W Sylvania MHL high bay  light with one of our  150W led UFO high bay light  in a steel works lighting application as follows:


workshop Dimension

Required Light Source


Average Lux



High bay Light-MHL or LED   Equivalent





Lighting performance Comparison-UFO-150W high bay V.S. 400W MHL high bay

Lighting fixture option


System wattage

Light Source

Average Lux




LED UFO High bay Light



Philips 3030 led chips





MHL High bay Light



Sylvania 400W Metal Halide Lamp





Based on the comparison above, both of  the MHL  400W high bay light and Led UFO high bay light all could meet the requirement of the application, while compared with data, the 150W UFO led high bay light could reach the same or equivalent lighting result  as the 400w MHL  high bay does, but could reach the energy saving by  65.9%, and the same time the uniformity is improved also.  This comparison makes led has the very obvious advantages over the metal halide lamps, as if we calculated based on a 240 pcs  lights qty, we could have the following electricity-saving chart:

Energy saving(KWH) Comparison   Chart-150W LED UFO high bay light V.S. 400W MHL lamp

Lighting fixture option


System wattage

Qty (pcs)

kwh per day(10hrs/day)

KWH per year (360 days calculation)

Energy saving/year

Energy saving/5years

LED UFO High bay Light








MHL High bay Light






Based on a rough calculation the energy consumption by the 440W MHL high bay light with a 150W led UFO high bay light, the 150W led UFO high bay light could save  1252800 kwh for a total 5 yrs, if based on USD 0.40 electricity charge per kwh, this is a total USD 501120.00  electricity charge could be saved during the 5 year s based on the application of the led high bay light.


HYL-UFO-150W is one of our UFO led high light series, this light is designed with over 170 lm per wattage lumen output, with 110D, 60D, 90D beam options, the light could be for a wide range of the industrial lighting application for high bay lighting, flood lighting, wall mounted lighting application.

The wattage options from 80w, 100w, 120w, 150w, 200w, 240w, high CRI over 80, IK08 and IP65, for more information, please visit the product web page link:



1: MHL  lamp could reach the requirement for the industrial lighting application, but it is energy consumption and not energy saving.

2: By the application of the high quality LED high bay light could reach the same or better lighting performance compared with MHL lamps, the overall lighting performance will be improved, but the key point is that a great energy saving could be achieved during the long years of lighting application.

3: MHL lamps usually is with short life time around 20,000 hrs to 24,000 hrs, this type of light has a higher failure rate and high maintenance rate, average 50% of the lamp qty you will need to change like a ballast or the light source during 2 years,  while led has the average over 50,000hrs within 5 years and almost has no maintenance cost, and with a 5 years warranty guaranteed, you could  eliminate the worry to maintain the led light.

4: Although you need to pay a higher rate or charge for a led lamp compared with a MHL lamp, but the overall energy saving  without maintenance over the 5 years time is all worthwhile, for a large quantity of the application of led lights for your industrial workshop or warehouse is the best lighting solutions compared with the application of the MHL lamps.

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