New Street Lights for San Diego is under way

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City officials announced that a program to replace more than 35,000 streetlights with brighter, energy efficient bulbs is under way.

About 80 percent of the city's streetlights over the next 17 months will get new magnetic induction lights that have a whiter illumination over the current sodium vapor lamps.

"The city will save $2.2 million annually from reduced energy and maintenance costs, and the higher-quality light will make our neighborhoods safer," Mayor Jerry Sanders said.

According to the city, the life span of the new bulbs runs up to 100,000 hours, or about double that of LED lights, which were also considered.

The retrofitting program is being funded by a $13 million bond, $2 million in federal grant stimulus monies and a $3 million low-interest loan from the California Energy Commission. 

San Diego Gas & Electric will kick in a one-time $1.2 million rebate for the lighting change.

Southern Contracting of San Marcos contracted with the city to replace the lights.


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