San Jose-based Park Lit up with LED Retrofit Lamps

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Qualite’s energy efficient Q-LED System was chosen to be the first LED retrofit project for any California Rec & Park field lighting project. 

Solari Park officials worked with Qualite Sports Lighting to find an energy efficient and budget-friendly solution to provide much needed lighting for their project. 

By using their existing poles, Qualite was able to replace the old metal halide fixtures with 22 – 1000w LED fixtures, increasing light levels and reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Because Solari Park is located in an urban area of San Jose, light cut-off was a feature necessary to neighborhood acceptance. 

The Q-LED System is prewired and pre-aimed to strategically direct light onto the field, and away from surrounding neighborhoods. 

Mike Tonis, Qualite Sales Manager, states, “This project really highlights the suitability of LED for Rec & Park Fields. 

Solari Park is a perfect illustration of how Qualite’s Q-LED retrofit can be a perfect lighting choice for community budgets, both for energy efficiency and maintenance-free ownership.

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