Taiwan Unity Opto Targets Tablet PC Backlight Market

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Taiwan LED maker Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd. has targeted to snatch 50% of the non-Apple tablet PC backlight market in 2013.

Unity Opto attributes its advantage outperforming other Taiwanese backlight manufacturers in revenue this year to increased shipments to TV makers and penetrating the supply chain of non-Apple tablet makers, including Asustek Computer Inc. and Google Inc.

In TV backlight market, the company has squeezed into the supply chains of world’s top 10 brands.

The company’s chairman, Alpha Wu, estimates global demand for LED backlights to be stronger than expected this quarter, noting the company has secured orders to keep production lines humming at least until December mostly due to a brisk TV market in China driven by government subsidies.

Wu said when the company developed patented lenses for direct-view backlights two years ago made the company the joke the industry for adding to TV thickness, but felt such lens design made LED TVs more competitive.

Widespread replacement of cold cathode fluorescent lamp with LED as the primary backlight for LCD panels proves the success of the company’s investment in lens technology.

This year, the company’s sales will be mostly driven by backlights for tablet PCs, laptops and TVs. In tablet PC market, the company has reportedly penetrated supply chains of Google, Amazon, Asustek and Microsoft. So far, the company has filled 30-40% of global market for LED backlights for non-Apple tablet PCs.

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