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Employees from Absen’s International Sales Department were invited by a client to watch a Talent Show, hosted by Ukraine TV Station in Kiev Independence Square on October 15, 2011. The event was displayed perfectly on the M15 and C30 of Absen full-color outdoor LED displays, receiving praise from the sponsor.

Talent shows are very popular in the Ukraine. For this event, the TV Station simply erected the stage in the main street leading to Kiev Independence Square to attract the maximum number of viewers. Hosted by Ukraine and Russian celebrities, a group of 100 contestants selected from various cities compete from 20:30 to 23:00 each Saturday from the end of August until the end of October 2011, the winners taking home one million hryvnias.

According to the client, the TV station used LEDs from Russia, Ukraine and another Chinese vendor. In comparison to its competitors’ models, Absen’s LEDs guarantee excellent quality, providing a strong gray level and refurbishing effect during live telecasts, even in low light. Boasting the quickest installation time, each unit can be easily assembled and disassembled. 

As a result, Absen’s M15 full-color outdoor LED was selected for the main screen with the Absen C30 as the auxiliary screen.

The client made the best choice: the light and slim design of the Absen M15 full-color outdoor unit provides clear and vivid images with strong light, smog and sound permeability. The display features a flexible structural design that can be installed at different angles to meet specific needs, saving time on assembly, disassembly and maintenance. The high-quality Absen C30 was honored with a position at the “Wing of Stage”. Both Absen models ensure flawless visual effects and color consistency in all fields of vision to form the optimal outdoor solution.

Notably, the LED displays remain installed when the show is not running. Although Ukraine has seen much rain over the past two months, the Absen LED displays have remained in excellent condition. The client is fully satisfied with Absen’s excellent quality and outstanding services.

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