Quality Oriented & Cost Effective LED Lighting Solutions

    Our production workshop is mainly with products manufacuturig, assembly, testing and the package of the led products. Our  workers are with years of working experience in the lighting industrial, they are full of experience and skills to handle and carefully assemble a lighting luminarie to make sure each of the lighting products are well-equipped and  assembled to a high quality standard. We have strict training programs for workers skills and knowledge,  and thus to make sure our assembly or production is following our company standard and our products are made with the high quality-oriented.


    We are  dedicated to small details for the products,  from a small bolt, wires, bracket, lighting  fixture  finish process, fixture surface coating process, LED drivers and led chips selection, to a whole Led luminaire  assembly and package including initial testing for the total performance of a Led light, we  focus on products quality details to meet our customers high requirement for the  qualification of a  well-quality LED lighting product.


    Our products are fully inspected and burnt before the delivery of the cargo to keep sure each of the product is 100% within the qualified standard, the testing including luminaire power check, power factor, voltage fluctuation, heat distribution, lumen output  samples testing, IP rated level assurance, brackets & bolts check, package well equipped to keep sure it is safe during the transportation to your destination, and make each of the cargo delivery arrive at your safely.

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